Monday, April 28, 2008


I don't spend nearly so much time just resting on my mom's chest, hot-water-bottle style as I used to when I was a little tiny baby. But every now and then, it is still nice. Now I really like to sleep in my bouncer; it is very cozy and vibrates. Sometimes I just want to be in motion, but I prefer motion that mom or dad are causing, not the swing (though mom and dad aren't sure if the problem with the swing may be that it takes so long to get me properly strapped-in that I am upset to begin with!?). I'm not sure I love the car as much as I used to--I'm still thinking about that one.
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Bath Time

Now I really like the bath. Sometimes is it very bright through the kitchen window, but the warm water is so nice... I don't use that little tiny-infant hammock anymore--I am way too big for that!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bounce, bounce

You can bounce me in in this thing and I will stop crying, but I won't be happy about it!

I'm growing really fast still. At 6 weeks, I hit 11 pounds, still gaining about a pound a week!

For more photos from the last couple weeks, visit my Picasa site:
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Bring on the Uncles

Last weekend my Uncles came to visit, and Meri too. The weather was beautiful, and we got to hang out at the pool at their hotel, go to the park, and drive around in the car (I like that). We had a lot of fun!

Hanging out by the pool with Meri ...
And Uncle Pate ...
And Uncle Zach
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Last week, mom, dad, and I went to the fancy schmancy park in Holmby Hills and had a little picnic. I like to lay around and look at stuff.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My best outfit

My brown kimono suit is my favorite outfit these days.
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Grandma and Grandpa Reber

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit me again this weekend. But Grandma was sleeping on the job!
Hi Grandpa!
We got to have breakfast poolside at their hotel.
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My Hat

Mom knit me this cool hat (cashmere even!). But I guess she didn't know that I was going to live in LA--it is pretty warm here, so I don't really need to wear a hat much!
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