Saturday, May 31, 2008

Entertaining Grandma

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Grandma Martha's

Grandma Martha has a great-big back yard, almost like a park, where we got to hang out with my cousins. Here I am with my Dad and cousin Zoe....

and just hanging out on the grass...
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First Flight

Last weekend, I took my first big trip on an airplane. Mom, Dad and I went to Washington DC/Bethesda/Virginia. Mom and Dad went to the wedding of their friends Billy and Anne (I didn't want to go), and I also got to meet Uncle Matt, Uncle Derek and Aunt Lara, my cousins Zoe and Violet, plus my Dad's cousins Alice, Aaron and Lena. And I got to hang out a lot with Grandma Martha! We went to the National Zoo; since it was Memorial Day weekend, it was a bit of a zoo, people-wise, but we got to see the pandas. I also got to meet a bunch of Mom and Dad's friends. I think Mom and Dad were a little pre-occupied with keeping track of all my stuff on the road, so there aren't many pics :(. If you look very closely in the background of this one, you can see the "Washington Dulles" sign...
On the plane (I used my miles to upgrade--I really need the legroom). I did pretty well on the plane. No complaints from the neighbors or flight attendants. I slept a bit and spent some time looking at the no smoking light--that is cool. Once we got in rush-hour traffic on the beltway, I had really had enough and cried my first actual tears; I think those grown-ups were trying to starve me. Once they stopped to feed me, I was fine. I'm not wild about the rental car shuttle, but other aspects of air travel seem fine.
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Landing in Denver

Sometimes when we play airplane, I land in the mountains like in Denver (really, on my mom's knees). I like to hang out there better than tummy time. Soon I am going to go to the real Denver. Mom got a fellowhip to work on some research in Boulder, so mom, dad, Fozzie and I are going to move there this fall and stay for a year or so! We just found out, and we are really excited that we will get to be so close to my grandparents and all sorts of assorted other family members. Details soon...

Other than airplane, looking at the ceiling, and practicing holding my giant head up, I really enjoy my new "infant stim-mobile." Mom is always buying all this stuff of questionable need on Amazon, but this thing is really cool to look at. Unfortunately, it doesn't move on it's own (who knew that they even sold toys that don't take batteries?!), so sometimes I have to yell to my parents to come in and make it move.

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My First Museum

Yesterday we went to the Getty for an early Mothers' Day celebration.
This is pretty much how I enjoyed the visit...

We ate at the restaraunt there and toured the gardens mostly. Even though June Gloom has arrived early in LA this year, it is still nice to take in the view and the Getty garden was in full bloom!
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Friday, May 2, 2008

Big Boy (sort of)

Here you can see me in one of my big boy outfits.
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I am two months old today! All of a sudden, I have these incredibly long lashes. Everyone keeps telling me how unfair it is that the boys always get the lashes... These pics really don't do them justice; I think my mom needs a lens that is better for close-up. I'm starting to get a little more hair too.

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