Thursday, April 9, 2009

A better use for the sled

I prefer to use it to climb on and as a platform for practicing my clicking and other sounds.

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Violet snowboarding

Cousin Zoe is also a pretty excellent boarder but we didn't capture her on film. WP has a groomed sledding hill--nice!

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My Cousins

We have been a little delayed in posting photos from the visit of Derek, Zoe, and Violet (due to misplaced camera). We had a lot of fun in Boulder and Winter Park!

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I am perfectly willing to sled...

...but it is not particularly exciting
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More from the park

I've gotta take my shoes and socks off so I can climb up the slide. I like to watch the other kids too.

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At the Park

When I was in LA, I got to play at some pretty cool parks that have stuff for kids who can't walk (and a padded ground!). Plus it is sunny and warm there. There is a nice playground like this near my house in LA. I plan to go there all the time after I move back. (I would only agree to wear the hat backwards--at least it protected my scalp that way.)

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Hanging by the pool

Uncle Pate came too and we hung out together by the pool.

Still not so sure about you, dad

Palm Springs

For Spring Break, we went to Palm Springs and Los Angeles. The pool was a little colder than I prefer, but I did have fun splashing around on the steps!

I'm not so sure about you dad.