Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back in LA

We arrived back in LA a little over a week ago. We were very sad to say goodbye to everyone in Boulder, especially Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Pate. Jack's nanny Wendy came to LA for a few days to look after him and help us settle in. Such a big help! We will miss her so much! Jack has been quite the little traveler, and all went remarkably well. I have more pictures from Woods Hole, Montana, and our road trip--will post more soon. Here are a few photos from the park near our house. Jack loves it there and can play for hours. He is also very interested in kicking his ball (he says kick like "deet, deet") and having other people kick it. He has lots of smiles at the park, but I seem not to be able to capture them with my camera phone!

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Osh, Osh

Jack is crazy about shoes, which he called "shoe" for about a day and now calls "osh". He sometimes requests his shoe off and a different pair on, and he wants to try on all the grown-up shoes as well. Yesterday in the bookstore, he insisted that I give him my shoes to walk around in a little. He pretty much always puts it on the wrong foot (you'd think he would get it half the time anyway), but that it the least of his problems walking in these shoes!
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