Saturday, February 13, 2010


Flying with Daddy was so popular, Jack wanted to do it "agin, agin" until Daddy was a little tired.
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Visiting the Getty Villa with "Grandma Marfa"

The highlights of the trip to the Villa include the kids area, where you can use crayons to make rubbings, and draw on "artifacts", looking at fish in the pond, and the "tunnel" made by some vines.

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All Done

The "ankles in the water" shots ended when we failed to lift Jack for a big wave. He actually didn't get upset, but was pretty wet! Good thing Ben suggested we wait until the end of the session to get close to the water!
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At the beach

More photos from our Holiday Card shoot at Manhattan Beach:

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Friday, February 12, 2010


We spent the last week of January in Cancun with our friends Kristen and Jason, and their kids Ella and baby Jack. We had a great time. Jack and Ella were fast friends; every morning when Jack would wake up, he would start with "where's ella? where's ella?" Mostly we hung out at the Kiddie pool and a little at the beach. We went on a boat to Isla Mujeres and rode around in a golf cart. Jack also enjoyed seeing the sea turtles and other creatures at the aquarium in the mall across the street. And he loved the dolphin show.
See more pictures from Cancun here:

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Da Micwowave

Here Jack is helping daddy assemble his play kitchen. He really likes to play in the kitchen, which he mainly identifies with the microwave. When he first got it, he went around telling everyone "I pway da micwowave". Someday maybe he will play the cello or piano, but for now the microwave! (Earlier Fozzie was helping too, but the photographer wasn't fast enough to catch that one!)
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Helping Daddy

Jack is very interested in "helping" Daddy with household projects. Recently, I asked him where mommy works -- "da juicy el eh", where Daddy works -- "down-town, in de obwong (Oblong)". I asked him where Jack works, and he said "in the house, with Daddy... help daddy open the box, with the screwdwiber..." I think he was referring to putting together the train table. Here he observes daddy mounting the projector. Luckily daddy has a second headlamp!

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