Monday, May 31, 2010

Motorized Vehicle

I saw this on craigslist and couldn't resist. Jack loves to drive, though we discovered his idea of "steering" is moving the steering wheel back and forth wildly. The camera has a little trouble picking up his little voice, but you may hear him say "rock-n-roll" as he gets going. He came up with this on his own, we are not sure how. He is also very interested in parking: "I'm juss gonna pawk it wight hewe. there." (Now we are not sure we can get patio furniture because we need the roadway!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Medley

Some more of Jack's songs (and a little more distraction by his mouth). Apparently, at the library, they do ABCs "really quiet" to not wake up Henrietta (a dog, I think) and then "really loud" after she is up. At home, he mostly wants to do "really loud."

Three Little Birds

Jack really likes music and singing. I've had trouble getting him on video because he always wants to hold the "cam-ra". He wanted to see "picture Jack" on my new computer, but I don't have any on there yet, so we opened up the camera on the computer to take some. It turns out he is very happy to sing and go crazy for the camera if he can watch himself while he is doing it. And he loves to watch the videos after we make them. Maybe growing up in LA is affecting him? Or maybe not because he wants to see the "bideo of da wittle boy," so it is not clear he knows it is him. So here is Jack working on his rendition of "Three Little Birds" (with apologies to Bob Marley, the Wailers, and also Auntie Brady...). If he is going to have a career on camera, he is going to have to learn to stay a little more focused--at the end, you'll see he gets a little distracted as he notices the color of his "mouf" (mouth).