Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jack's Tent

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Gramma Marfa Visit

We were happy to see "Gramma Marfa" a couple weeks ago. She read Jack many, many books!
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Post Bath

Mommy let me have the camera...

A little happier...

Going for the camera again == extreme close-up
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Visiting the Farm

We actually went to the farm again today, but apparently lost the camera :( (maybe lost and found??). There are from a couple months ago. Jack's interest in driving things is high; animals are also a major attraction. Compare to last October:
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This is the life

From the beach a couple weeks ago. Notice who has possession of the new beach chair. (Not pictured but extremely exciting is a bunch of construction equipment!)

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Now for 5 hours?

Testing out his new headphones. Hopefully, he will do this for 5 hours when Daddy has to fly from LA to Boston alone with Jack later this summer (or sleep).
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Happy Birthday Nona!

We celebrated Nona's birthday a couple days early, and Jack was very interested in helping nona with her "pwesent". With some encouragement, he was willing to back off a little.

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Seattle Fun

Jack was pretty excited about the play structure in the back yard where we stayed in Seattle... and also about seeing Grandma, Grandpa, Nona, Brady, Pate, Zach, and m. Nona has some pretty good babbling going on (and a few words) and Jack observed "i tink she wan to tawk". I'm sure she does!

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Riding the Bus

We went to Seattle for Auntie Em's graduation from Law School (congrats Auntie M!). Jack took his first ride on a public bus! He was veyr excited yet serious about it. This was almost 2 months ago, and he still talks about how we went on a bus in "see-add-ul".
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Learning Patience in the Garden

We have re-landscaped our yard and now that it is complete, Jack and I have been planting the garden. He is very interested in the plants, wants to know all their names and which ones we can eat ("when it get bigger"). He has been very patient with the strawberries ("it gonna get bigger, then it turn red, then we eat it") but Fozzie got to the first one on the very morning we planned to harvest! Luckily this weekend we were able to harvest a few from a hanging pot out of dog's reach. Jack helped me plant some "pumkins" (also known as Putneys, after the pumpkin protagonist in one of his books) and then went for a nap. When he woke up, we went outside and he asked: "Did the pumkins gwow up?" I told him 70 days at least.