Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How much I love you

While I'm reporting on stuff that Jack said... The other night, I told him I loved him to the moon and back. He responded that he loves Rose (he always identifies Rose as the person he loves the most) "to Jupiter and back, no no, to the Red spot of Jupiter and back, because that is where the line of love goes to on Jupiter, no no, to an exoplanet and back." Exoplanets, Jack teaches me, are planets outside our solar system. That is far.

He does seem to love Rose, though recently he is taking some of his meals in his room with the door closed to prevent her from stealing his food. 

Talking about the election

We were watching the returns, and Brokaw mentioned African Americans. Jack asked what the African American flag looks like. I told him its not a separate country, an African American is someone who is an American whose ancestors are from Africa, and usually they have darker skin. He informed me that "everyone has ancestors from Africa because that is where people started." True enough.

He also told me he learned in school that a girl has never been president, and he doesn't think that is fair. Also true.

I hope the election on where to have lunch tomorrow goes his way so he doesn't get disillusioned about democracy, but I guess that is a lesson too.

Election, Preschool Style

Jack came home with an "I voted" sticker today, and I asked him why. He said that they voted for president (on the yellow ballot) and lunch (on the pink ballot).

He said he voted for Obama, and I asked him how he did it (since he can't read). He said there were pictures and he "recognized the hair" and circled his picture. He says he voted for Obama because he is his favorite president.

For lunch he voted for "the deck." The votes have not yet been counted, the alternative being Miller Courtyard. He reported the vote was actually taken in Miller Courtyard, which I think may bias the results. But the votes haven't been counted yet -- we'll see tomorrow where the Golden Suns will eat lunch.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Ferry from Capri to Sorrento

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Post hike gelato

Jack made noticable progress on his ice cream/gelato technique during our trip. Sure, it is still a giant mess, but he is learning to manage the drips. I guess this is one of those things where a bootcamp type approach -- make sure to practice every day for several days in a row -- is the way to learn. 
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Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Garden

We could not locate the 7th dwarf in this garden on the way up to Villa Jovis. For the res tof the hike, Jack engaged in extensive discussion and speculation about where the 7th dwarf, presumed to be Bashful, might be.

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Villa Jovis

We went up to the ruins of Villa Jovis, from where the Emporer Tiberius ruled the Roman Empire for some time. We can see why he would have liked this location -- nice view! Jack had to ride on shoulders a bit, but did great on the hike.

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Marina Piccola

We enjoyed a yummy lunch at the Marina Piccola beach club. Jack enjoyed the pool, and he was crazy about collecting rocks, sea glass, and sea tiles (terracotta tiles that get smoothed out like sea glass, pretty cool. He collected for hours...

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Boat trip around Capri

We took a boat all the way around the island and got to swim in the Blue Grotto as well as some other caves. We saw the beach where Emily and Salvatore met... lot so fun.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bath Time

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Happy Halloween!

Jack was Diego, and Rose was Baby Jaguar (Diego's side-kick). Jack helped me choose the proper fabric for Rose's costume. We saw some "wild cat" fabric in the store, but Jack immediately rejected it as cheetah, not jaguar. Luckily, there was a whole other section of animal furs, where Jack rejected something fabric that was clearly for a leapord and then a tiger before we came upon the jaguar fur. Rose at first did not like her costume at all, but she got used to it and even wore the hood a bit.

Jack was totally on his game as far as trick-or-treating. He knew which houses to approach (the ones with lights and decorations) and was a man with a plan. We had a lot of fun with some friends from the neighborhood!

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Shabbat Aba

 Jack's turn to be the "special kid" for Shabbat at school

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Rose and her best friend

Rose loves Fozzie (and vice-versa, though Fozzie's love for Rose may be entirely food related). She pets hinm very gently and gets very excited to see him (and other dogs). She likes to hand feed him not only her food, but also his dog food. He actually tolerates it pretty well.

We are also officially declaring Rose's first word to be "doggy," which she says more like "gaa-goo" or "kaa-koo". She started saying this just before we went to Italy, in early September. She is a little over-broad in her application, since she uses this word for all animals.

She also says "hi," "bye," and "baby". She seems to think she says a lot of other things, but we can't tell what they are so much yet.

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