Saturday, July 12, 2014


We actually had a proper grown-up cocktail party, which was quite fun (no photos). Jack and Rose helped out with the leftover cake (Fudgie the Whale, or new family favorite).

Happy Birthday Charli!

Are you One?  We were happy to have Charli and her parents, plus Grandma and Grandpa here to celebrate Charli's first (back in May).

Rose's Birthday, Part II

Cupcakes, singing and fun at the park!

Happy Birthday Rosita!

Rose had the traditional multi-part birthday celebration, including a small party with cupcakes in the park with her friends from the park and school, followed by a Happy Birthday Rose/Happy Birthday USA party on July 4. The kids enjoyed Fudgie the Whale and lots of Water Play. Happy Birthday Rosita Bonita!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jack's Birthday

Catching Up on Cuteness

Sorry for the long break from the blog. The "blog this" button in Picasa is broken, so it is a little harder to post... Nevertheless, here are a couple from Christmas. Kids in matching PJs -- hard to beat for cuteness!