Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Headed home

Around town ...

At play

East Coast Tour, Part IV - Woods Hole

Last stop, Woods Hole.

Stony Beach (the roughest we've ever seen the water, but still fun):


Thanks for Amy, Ben, Sam and Sarah for hosting us in Brookline (didn't get too many photos).

MOS Photo Booth, new and old

Our photobooth session... and shockingly, I was able to download the photos from 3 years ago when we last visited MOS.

East Coast Tour, Part III - Boston Museum of Science

Next we went to Boston/Brookline, where we visited the Museum of Science with Cathy and Vic...
We got a behind the scenes tour and got to see the live animals! Rose enjoyed the stuffed animals, including a bear you are actually allowed to "touch gently," and we saw an awesome lightening show featuring a van der graaf generator originally made by vdg himself.